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SAT Test Dates

I know how useful it is to be able to find the test dates quickly, so here’s the link! If I’m honest, this is partly here so I can find them quickly! 🙂


Quick guide to the test dates

  1. The test is administered 7 times per year in the US: October, November, December, January, March, May and June
  2. The March date is not available internationally, so you can write 6 times per year outside the US
  3. NEW: The SAT now releases some tests, through their QAS (Question and Answer service). This is available in all countries for the May test date, and October, January and May if you wrote in the US or Canada. Order it here.
  4. The test fees can be found here. Financial aid is available.
  5. If you’re a senior (grade 12), the last date you can write and submit your score on time is usually October
  6. There are two registration deadlines – early and late (where you pay more). The late registration deadline is usually about 10 days before the test. International deadlines are earlier!!
  7. International students may also have to meet different regulations