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As well as tips and strategies for the ACT and SAT, sometimes you need resources to help you study effectively. On this page, you’ll find formula sheets, e-books, books and lists that I’ve created to help you.

Formula Sheets

ACT Math Formula Sheet

This sheet contains all the major formulae that you need to know for the test. Some topics come up more often that others, so some of these formulae are more important than others. For example, you must go into the test knowing Pythagorean Theorem and the slope formula. These are almost guaranteed to be on the test. Knowing log laws may not help you that much though. And of course, don’t just memorize a formula – ensure that you understand it. Click on the image to download the pdf.

ACT Math Formula Sheet

Useful Triangle and Circle Facts for the ACT and SAT

It’s really helpful to know the facts contained in this sheet as they can be a huge timesaver. Most of these facts appear on both the ACT and SAT, although the circle theorems are more applicable to the ACT. Click on the image to download the pdf.

SAT ACT Triangles Circles



Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning

The ACT Scientific Reasoning section is enough to make many students decide to take the SAT! It’s so different to anything you’ve ever seen before, you’re overwhelmed by data, and you have to work very fast. I believe that understanding how to approach this section of the test will go a long way to giving you confidence. This book contains answer explanations for the ACT’s 5 published practice tests, a comprehensive science knowledge review and timing advice based on what real students have found helpful. You can find it on Amazon, or by clicking the link below.

Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning Science

Here’s the contents page, so you can see what you’re getting:

Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning ACT Science



How to plan and write an effective ACT Essay

Coming soon! For now, check out this article.


Coming soon! This plan takes you from never having seen a test, through deciding whether the ACT or SAT is right for you to creating a study schedule that fits around your life.

Diagnostic – Should you take the ACT or SAT?

Coming soon! This mini-questionnaire, which I use on my own students, guides you to choosing the right test effectively. It tells you things that other people won’t – for example, the best way to decide is not to sit down and write both tests right now!


Lists and other Resources

Tally Sheet

Coming soon! One of the best strategies to use when preparing for standardized tests is to thoroughly review your practice tests. When I’m working with students, a full test takes me around two hours to review (and I know all the answers!). If you don’t review your tests, you’ll end up doing twice as many to get the same result, because you’re not really learning … you’re just repeating. A very useful tool for doing this is making a list of your mistakes. This can help you see where you’re going wrong, and what to focus on in the future. Here’s a template list that will help you.


Coming soon! If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just need to make a list. I am never without a list of some kind or other! I’m still working on this at the moment, but I’ll be making lists of question types, test topics, references to past test papers for the ACT, SAT and Subject Tests and all sorts of helpful things here!