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If I say so myself, this is probably the best, most helpful page on this whole site! Why? I’M GIVING AWAY A BUNCH OF RESOURCES FOR FREE!! Here’s some great stuff that I’ve developed through years of tutoring and figuring out exactly what my students need … and its yours for free. Yes, there’s a lot of free stuff on this page, but there’s also full description of my book Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning, one of the best ACT books around, highly recommended for anyone struggling with the ACT Science section. If you like my free stuff, you’ll love the book.

On this page, you can find an ACT math formula sheet, which contains pretty much everything you need to know, plus a fact sheet about triangles and circles for both the ACT and SAT. You can also find a series of basic grammar rules that should serve you well for both the ACT and SAT, plus one of my most used resources which can help you diagnose your ACT and SAT mistakes. This page is mostly ACT focused at the moment, but over time I’ll be adding more SAT resources, so if it’s the SAT you’re taking, keep checking back.


Formula Sheets

ACT Math Formula Sheet

This sheet contains all the major formulae that you need to know for the test. Some topics come up more often that others, so some of these formulae are more important than others. For example, you must go into the test knowing Pythagorean Theorem and the slope formula. These are almost guaranteed to be on the test. Knowing log laws may not help you that much though. And of course, don’t just memorize a formula – ensure that you understand it. Click on the image to download the pdf.

ACT Math Formula Sheet

Useful Triangle and Circle Facts for the ACT and SAT

It’s really helpful to know the facts contained in this sheet as they can be a huge timesaver. Most of these facts appear on both the ACT and SAT, although the circle theorems are more applicable to the ACT. Click on the image to download the pdf.

SAT ACT Triangles Circles



Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning

The ACT Scientific Reasoning section is enough to make many students decide to take the SAT! It’s so different to anything you’ve ever seen before, you’re overwhelmed by data, and you have to work very fast. I believe that understanding how to approach this section of the test will go a long way to giving you confidence. This book contains answer explanations for the ACT’s 5 published practice tests, a comprehensive science knowledge review and timing advice based on what real students have found helpful. You can find it on Amazon, by clicking the link below.

Understanding the ACT Scientific Reasoning Science best ACT books

For a full contents page, click the link to view the Amazon listing.


Quick Grammar series

Everyone should use these sheets! I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough – almost every single one of my students needs a review on how to separate two complete sentences, for example. If you’re confused about semicolons (along with the rest of the world), then this is for you. Note that these are only the basics – if you need more detail, one of the best ACT books on grammar is Erica Meltzer’s Complete Guide to ACT English.

Quick Grammar #1 – Parts of Speech

image version of pdf explaining 7 parts of speech tested on ACT and SAT

Quick Grammar #2 – Basic Punctuation

image version of pdf explaining how to punctuate some basic sentences that appear on the ACT and SAT


Tally Sheet

One of the best strategies to use when preparing for standardized tests is to thoroughly review your practice tests. When I’m working with students, a full test takes me around two hours to review (and I know all the answers!). If you don’t review your tests, you’ll end up doing twice as many to get the same result, because you’re not really learning … you’re just repeating. A very useful tool for doing this is making a list of your mistakes. This can help you see where you’re going wrong, and what to focus on in the future. Here’s a template list that will help you.

a worksheet designed to help students identify common mistakes on the tests and learn from practice ACT and SAT papers