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How to send your ACT scores to schools

Sending your scores always sounds way more complicated than it it! When I registered for the ACT, I just ignored all those boxes in the registration form, since I was just taking the test for the experience. Fun, I know. Here’s the basics of what you need to know about sending your scores.


Send ACT scores to college school
It happens like magic!

How to send ACT scores

When you register for the ACT, you select 4 schools to which your score is automatically reported for free. The ACT sends the scores to those schools as soon as your test is marked. You arrange this by filling in numerical codes for each school – make sure you get these codes right, as this is the number one cause of lost scores!

You can also make changes to these free score reports until the Thursday after the test date, so if you think you did unexpectedly well or poorly, you can change where your score is sent. You should use these score reports if you’re applying to schools that require you to send all your scores. You can have your score sent to your high school as well if you want to. Or, you can just show your counsellor your scores online – this part doesn’t really matter!

To send a report any time after that, it costs $12 (assuming you wrote the test after 2013 – if you wrote before, it’s more). A report for the ACT means sending one test date’s scores to one school. So it can add up! Don’t send ACT scores just because – wait until you’ve narrowed down your school shortlist, and you’ve achieved your target score for those schools. The process takes 1 week after your test is fully marked, so make sure you allow enough time. You can order a priority service, but it will still take 2 days, so it doesn’t save you much time!


What is super-scoring?

Some schools will calculate your ACT score by taking a combination of all your best section scores. You don’t have to do anything for this, but bear in mind that if you did particularly well in on section on one test date, you should send a report of that date to any schools that superscore.


Why you should always check out the school’s score policy

  • In case they superscore! See above.
  • Self-reporting: Some schools allow you to take a screenshot from your profile and email that to their admissions department to save you money. It’s rare, but it is done, so make sure you know! But also be honest – there’s nothing to stop them asking you for the official report if they think you’ve lied about your score.
  • Some schools, notably Ivy League schools, require you to send ACT scores for every test you’ve written. If you’ve got a really bad score, don’t worry, you can delete it permanently. Here’s how.
  • Late scores? Different schools have different policies on this. Some will accept late scores, some will not, and some will consider them if they happen to arrive before your application is reviewed by admissions. Some will hold onto a good application if it’s missing scores, others will chuck it. So check before you figure out when you need to have your final ACT written by.

Hope that helps you out! Comment if you have questions!