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ACT Math video solutions

On this page, I solve ACT math questions! Grab your copy of the most recent ACT test paper and watch me solve the last 10 questions on each ACT math paper. You can also find these videos on youtube ACT solutions for math section. To make these videos more realistic, I don’t look at the questions ahead of time. I’m solving all of these on the spot. This way, you get to see my process of thinking. I think this is really important – I’m not presenting you with a polished model solution – I’m showing you what an actual person thinks when they solve ACT Math questions for the first time.

Obviously I’m writing more stuff down than you would on the real test. I also take a little longer to explain the concepts, so most of the videos are longer than the time you’d actually take to solve the questions.


If you’re struggling with Math problem solving strategy generally, here are some tips:

  • Think about what type of question it is. If it’s linear systems, quadratic equations, polynomial functions, or some other thing that you’re familiar with, classifying it will help you think about what appropriate math tools to use.
  • Do anything you can think of that’s mathematically correct. For about 3 or 4 of the last 10 questions, this is how I start. I don’t know the answer immediately. I just do something – expand, factor, rearrange etc, and as I start to work with the problem, it becomes clearer.
  • If you can, draw it. If it’s a function, you can sketch a quick graph. If it’s a real life situation, draw a diagram. Rephrasing the problem visually will help you to read it carefully, and perhaps see it differently.


Youtube ACT solutions for Math section December 2016 Form 74H

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